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Don't Give Up the Ship
Li'l Abner
The Jazz Singer
The Jerry Lewis Show
Visit to a Small Planet
The Bellboy
The Ladies Man
The Errand Boy
It's Only Money
The Jerry Lewis Show
The Nutty Professor
Who's Minding the Store?
The Patsy
The Disorderly Orderly
Ben Casey
The Family Jewels
Boeing Boeing
Three on a Couch
Way...Way Out
The Jerry Lewis Show
The Big Mouth
Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River
Hook, Line and Sinker
One More Time
Which Way to the Front?
The Day the Clown Cried
Hardly Working
Slapstick of Another Kind
The King of Comedy
Cracking Up
The Jerry Lewis Show
Retenez Moi...Ou Je Fais Un Malheur
Fight for Life
Arizona Dream
Funny Bones
Damn Yankees (Broadway)
Damn Yankees (National Tour)
Damn Yankees (London)
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Yes, the website is still under construction even as we enter into a new year but don't give up on us yet.

I am striving to make this an awesome website filled with some great photographs and memorabilia from my own private collection that I've had since my mid-teens many moons ago.

What are your thoughts? Any ideas of what you would like to see on this website? I LOVE hearing from other JL fans so please take the time to message me.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this website please send us an e-mail:

Morgan Christopher


Behind the Hidden Mask

Please like us on Facebook! is a private website. I have no connection with any members of the Lewis family or any movie studios.

The information and images presented on these pages have been posted as a bibliographic reference for scholars, fans and collectors of the life and art of Jerry Lewis and his one-time partnership with the late Dean Martin. Material created not by myself has been collected from different sources and I believe most of it to be in the Public Domain.

I have no influence on the content of externally linked pages. At the time this website was created I found all linked pages not to contain any illegal content. Should any of the linked pages have changed and display any illegal content, I distance myself from this content. I will remove a link to an offending website/page as soon as I get notice of it.

Please send me your comments, suggestions, ideas, gripes, and complaints about this website to: and please be sure to type: For Morgan Only on the Subject heading of the e-mail. Please send your e-mail to:

Morgan Christopher
May 2020

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