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Early Days: 1926-1939
1940s Timeline
1948 - Toast of the Town
1949 - My Friend Irma
1950s Timeline
1950 - My Friend Irma Goes West
1950 - At War with the Army
1951 - That's My Boy
1952- Sailor Beware
1952 - Jumping Jacks
1952- Road to Bali
1952 - The Stooge
1953 - Scared Stiff
1953 - The Caddy
1953 - Money from Home
1954 - Living It Up
1954 - Three Ring Circus
1955 - You're Never Too Young
1955 - Artists and Models
1956 - Pardners
1956 - Hollywood or Bust
1957 - The Delicate Delinquent

The formative years...

On this page I'll describe my Mr. Lewis's life and career: the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows.

I may also use this page to talk about my personal feelings about Mr. Lewis's career. Do I think the Mr. Lewis's early childhood history had an impact on the type of role this star took on later? Do I feel Mr. Lewis made some terrible career or life decisions?

At a Glance

Date of Birth: 16 March 1926 

Education: High School Dropout but has received honorary degrees
Family History: Father: Daniel Levitch – Mother: Rachel Brodsky
First Wife: Esther “Patti” Colanico – Second Wife: SanDee “Sam” Pitnick – Children: Gary, Ronnie, Scott, Christopher, Anthony, Joseph and Danielle

First Professional Role: Record Act at Palace Theatre, Detroit, Michigan 1944

Astrological Sign: Pisces

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